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We are a IT/Equipment Reseller based out of Salem, Oregon, USA We strive to find the best deals for our customers and take extra care ensuring the best quality products for the price. Feel free to contact us at 503-391-8191 for inquiries on buying and selling equipment.

Comparison Between Buying Used and New Networking Equipment

Network is one of the crucial elements of an enterprise as the majority of the business activities are done via the established networks. A small failure disrupts the entire communication line, ultimately leading to the downfall of the business. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Top Reasons to Choose Juniper Equipment for your Networks

It is not just one name that stays in the market forever. With the passage of time, new brands with a different vision enter into the market abating the dominance of the older ones. Surprisingly, same is the case with … Continue reading

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Common Mistakes that we Make when buying Networking equipment

An efficient network is one of the most important facets upon which the success and productivity of an enterprise depends. It has to be established carefully by the professionals after taking into account all the essential factors, just like networking … Continue reading

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Ensure an excellent network with top-notch Networking Equipment

Oregon is home to myriad of high-technology firms since a long time. Establishment of these industries has been a boon for this state as it contributed a lot in improving the economy. No doubt, development in the industrial sector benefited … Continue reading

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Renovate CISCO Equipment- High performance At Low Prices

CISCO Systems was founded by two members of Stanford University: Leonard Bosack who is in charge of the computer science department’s and Sandy Lerner, manager of the Graduate School of Business’ computers in December 1984. “Cisco” name came from San … Continue reading

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Buy the Right Telecom Equipment for your Business

Very often, the world of telecommunication is overlooked by the outside world. But, no doubt telecom is the single most greatest constant in the technology or business industry. Telecommunication is really something that keeps your business in contact with those … Continue reading

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