Comparison Between Buying Used and New Networking Equipment

Network is one of the crucial elements of an enterprise as the majority of the business activities are done via the established networks. A small failure disrupts the entire communication line, ultimately leading to the downfall of the business. Therefore, you should be very careful while picking up the networking device for your business.

Both, used and new networking equipment are available in Oregon today because of which lots of confusion prevails while purchasing. People don’t understand if they should go for used devices of new ones. So, to make the endeavor of buying networking equipment hassle-free and valuable, below-mentioned are some points of comparison. Take a look.

Though used equipment are old and have been used by the past owner for years, however; they are no weaker in performance than the new ones, for they are properly tested before selling them again. But, the main difference lies in the cost and for obvious reasons, used equipment are cheaper than the new ones.

Though both, used and new devices function equally but in case of issues in the network of used equipment, you do not have the support to rectify the problem. You will have to hire additional IT service in order to get a a properly operating  network for your business.


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We are a IT/Equipment Reseller based out of Salem, Oregon, USA We strive to find the best deals for our customers and take extra care ensuring the best quality products for the price. Feel free to contact us at 503-391-8191 for inquiries on buying and selling equipment.
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