Common Mistakes that we Make when buying Networking equipment

An efficient network is one of the most important facets upon which the success and productivity of an enterprise depends. It has to be established carefully by the professionals after taking into account all the essential factors, just like networking devices.

In a city like Oregon, there are many suppliers of networking equipment, both in the offline and online world therefore, when we are in the look out for a vendor for our self, we often get confused and end up committing serious mistakes. Surprisingly, it is not just once when we make a wrong decision. Sometimes we also mistaken while choosing the networking products. Let us see, what are these common mistakes.

  • Buying products on the basis of cost, not quality! In order to save money, we often look for cheaper products and finally buy it without considering its quality. It is not always that you get a good product at lesser price so most of the time, we end up purchasing inefficient networking devices.
  • Looking for used equipment. There is no harm in getting refurbished devices as they are inspected properly before marking it for sale. However, you still need to examine it carefully to ensure that it is in good working condition. Most of the time, vendors sell false and non-functional products for cheap prices and this is where you make the mistake.
  • Picking the product without checking: Brands are usually trusted and it is often seen that when people pick a branded networking equipment in Oregon, they literally keep their eyes closed. This is where you go wrong as even a reputed product can be inefficient. So, it is important to test the product before paying.

An insight into the aforementioned mistakes will help you understand things more deeply. So, read it carefully, research more and make sure that you get quality equipment for the next time.


About nwrusa

We are a IT/Equipment Reseller based out of Salem, Oregon, USA We strive to find the best deals for our customers and take extra care ensuring the best quality products for the price. Feel free to contact us at 503-391-8191 for inquiries on buying and selling equipment.
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